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All about High Quality Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

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Q : What are High Quality Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches used for?
A: Used to sterilize instruments, burs, diamonds, mayo trays and any item that a dentist would re-use that can be steam, chemically vapor or ETA sterilized.
Q: What does a Self-seal mean?
A: The High Quality Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches have a self-seal adhesive strip on one end of the pouch, which eliminates the need for tape or a heat sealer.
Q: What does triple Chevron seal mean?
A: Each of the three seals are heat-sealed three times and chilled back to room temperature.  This produces a seal, which provides extra strength in the auto-clave and contributes to a better peel performance upon opening.
Q: Why are pouches blue-tinted?
A: To help identify any punctures or tears, which darkens to show seal strength, providing clear visibility of unacceptable seals.
Q: What does it mean when the indicator arrow does not change color?
A: The indicator arrow only changes color if sterilization conditions have been achieved during the sterilization cycle.
Q: Can SafeSeal sterilization pouches be used in dry-heat?
A: No, they cannot.
Q: How long do the instruments stay sterile after sterilization
A: Up to 1 year after sterilization
Q: Are our sterilization pouches recyclable?
A: The High Quality Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches is a medical grade kraft paper (recyclable), and film (also recyclable).  However it is recommended that the paper not be recycled as the indicator ink is solvent based for the steam ink and may not be appropriate for recycling.  Therefore the packaging and the film can be recycled while the paper should be disposed of in the chemical waste bin or hazardous material if there is one.  Otherwise, they should be disposed of in the regular trash


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