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Anqing Economic and statistics Technology Commission Wei Qing E to our factory inspection

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     In February 6th in the afternoon , Wei Qing'e, director of the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Anqing and Wu Jingen and Yu Qiong, deputy directors of the Anqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, visited our company for inspection. Accompanied by Long Qicheng, chairman of Kangmingna , they visited various workshops and the directors Long details of the company's products and some of its production processes. Director Wei and his party spoke highly of the two-way production flow of our company's informatization and industrialization.

    During the inspection, Director Wei also affirmed Kang Mingna's positive spirit and serious and responsible work attitude. He also put forward rationalization proposals on the production plan for 2018 and hope Cummina will make better achievements in 2018.

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