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Exhibition at FIME 2017(From 8 to 10 August 2017)

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       The FIME Show is an exhibition dedicated to bringing together medical professionals and products each year. It consists of four main sectors that include: medical technology, medical products and suppliers, medical services and medical equipment. Held in Miami Beach, it has been named the #1 medical show in the United States--and has a wide range of talented participants.


      The FIME Educational Conference is another opportunity for medical professionals to expand their knowledge. As the largest medical event held in the US, FIME is a chance for medical experts, professionals and entrepreneurs alike to grow and network.


      As a one of the most famous manufactures of medical packaging , our company has attended this exhibition, during the exhibition, our company has not only talked with regular customers , but also signed with many new customers.


      Our company will constantly improve the quality of the products and services,  in order to get more customers’ support!

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