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Introduction of medical coated paper

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Coated paper is coated with a layer of paint on the base paper, so that the paper has a good optical properties and printing performance. Its main uses are: printing magazines, books and other published paper and trademarks, packaging, catalogs and other printed paper, the ratio of the two is about 1: 3. Wholesale Of Medical Coated Paper
 can be divided into: coated paper, coated paper, light coated paper, in addition to branded coated paper and other special Wholesale Of Medical Coated Paper
The production of Wholesale Of Medical Coated Paper simply refers to the coating on the base paper, after drying and then use the calender to make its surface smooth, so the base paper and coating is an important factor in the quality ofWholesale Of Medical Coated Paper
In the case of a coating with a coating amount of 20 g / m2, for example, assuming that the dry weight of the coating is 1.5, the thickness of the coating layer is only about 0.0013 cm. Under such a thin thickness, the quality of the base paper does occupy an important position The
If the speed of the coating is slow, because the absorbent paper after the paper, to reach the drying department can not lose strength, it must be appropriate to glue and keep the strength of wet paper. In turn, when the coating speed is fast, the paper must have a certain strength to resist the high-speed coating brought about by the mechanical force, while uniform water absorption is also very important.
In addition, the coating base paper must also have the following properties: size stability is good, not because of changes in water and have much change. The adsorption of paint on the strong. The base paper must not bend, otherwise it will cause the paint streak and cause the paper to break. Do not have wrinkles, holes and other defects. During the coating process, the paper roll must be tightened to avoid breaking the paper.
The nature of the base paper will affect the coating are: uniformity, smoothness, surface absorption, surface strength, surface conditions, chemical suitability, duality and paper optics, etc., so a paper is good or bad, The situation is good or bad.
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