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Kangmingna Packaging (Focus on product quality, Service the world with aseptic skills)

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Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of medical packaging supplies in China. Established in 2002, KMNPack has grown from a tiny manufacturer to one of the leading Chinas medical packaging manufacturers because of our dedicated people, entrepreneurial spirit and honest values. KMNPack strictly follows national and European production standards. We currently have 100,000 grade clean workshop and passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO11607, ISO, FDA, CE and QS systems. Now, KMNPack has than 100 employees with the manufacture capacity of 4,500,000 pieces pouches every day. We have 46 pouch/bag makers, and 9 matched printing facilities, including intaglio and flexible printing with 22 equipments for plastic film production, filming, coating and die cutting.he company's leading products include Self-seal sterilization pouches, Heat-sealing sterilization reel, Tyvek reel, Crepe paper, Non-woven fabric, Sterilization paper bags gusseted, steam indicator tape, EO tape, etc.

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