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Kang Mingna won the 2017 annual Anqing City information and industrialization integration model enterprise honor

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Anqing statistics  and Industrialization Committee organized the 2017 municipal level two integration demonstration business assessment. After the enterprise declaration, county (city) district recommendation, expert review, publicity,

Now Anqing Kangmingna Packing Co., Ltd. and 39 enterprises for the 2017 annual Anqing City informatization and industrialization integration model enterprise.

   Kangmingna will continue to speed up the construction of informatization projects and actively promote the standardization of the integration management system of the two systems so as to effectively exert the leading role of demonstration. Each county (city) district Commission by letter (by the Science and Technology Commission, Economic Development Bureau) to strengthen the typical cases of demonstration enterprises to promote the efforts to promote and strengthen day-to-day management and services, and in the policy, project, funding and other aspects to be given key support.

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