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Warmly welcome foreign guests to visit our company

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Anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD., as a professional enterprise in producing high-grade medical sterilization packaging in China, our products have been well received by our customers at home and abroad. The main products of the company are: self-sealing sterilization pouch, heat-sealing sterilization pouch, heat-sealing sterilization reels flat and gusseted-paper/film, wrapping material crepe paper, wrapping material non-woven SMS/SMMS/SMMMS fabric, indicator tape and so on.

On November 8th, foreign clients traveled thousands of miles to our factory.

The general manager warmly welcomed foreign friends, and further discussed the process of self-sealing sterilization pouch and other products. At last the client said that they will cooperate with us all the time!

In order to appreciate the support and trust of customers everywhere, we will continuously strive to present the best products and services to our customers!


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