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Brief Introduction Of Medical Dialysis Base Paper For Medical Sterilization Packaging Bag

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Brief introduction of medical dialysis base paper for medical sterilization pouches:
Medical dialysis base paper is an important raw material and component of medical packaging
With its physical indicators, performance and other aspects of the requirements are also superior to ordinary medical packaging base paper, for example, strong, pore size, air permeability, and flexibility, etc
Medical dialysis base paper can be divided into high temperature paper, also can be used as teweiqiang medical packaging material.Sample, for gelatinization, the blogger will introduce medical gelatinization paper in the following article.
Medical dialysis base paper is combined with medical gelatinized paper in various forms of composite membrane for bag making.This kind of medical packaging bag has good antibacterial, heat sealing, air permeability and peeling effect.
Aperture of medical dialysis base paper and corresponding parameters
Because of the strict requirements in sterilization and disinfection, the medical dialysis base paper must have certain air permeability to meet the requirements of sterilization.It meets the requirements of steam sterilization and ethylene oxide sterilization, so the aperture of medical dialysis paper has a certain difference.Requirements and parameters in order to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Therefore, the aperture size of medical dialysis paper is the same as that of medical dialysis paper.Dialysis base paper is one of the important test box indicators. The aperture of medical dialysis paper must conform to en868-2 annex C standard and test principle.
The specific parameters of medical dialysis base paper for medical paper plastic sterile packaging are as follows:
Gram weight of medical dialysis base paper:
1。 Direct sealing with PP film
Gram weight( Grammage:60GSM , 7ocsm and 8ogsm
a.medical paper plastic sterilization bag, medical sterilization roll bag and medical sterilization tube bag used in medical disinfection center
b. The medical devices used in the factory are packaged with steam or ethylene oxide sterilization, such as gauze,
Cotton ball, catheter, syringe, etc.)
c. Composite ISO 11607-1 and en 868-3
d. Sterilization method:
Steam, ETO, irradiationj

  1. Directly sealed with PE film
Gram weight:
60gsm, 70gsm and 80gsm
a. Packaging of medical devices, such as syringes, needles, gauze, ground care products
b. According to ISO en 11607 Part 1 and en868 Part 6
c。 Sterilization method: ETO irradiation

  1. Medical adhesive paper
Grammage: 6ogsm and 70gsm
a. Grid coating, full coating, frame coating, hot melt glue and water-soluble glue
b. According to ISO en 11607 Part 1 and en868 Part 6
c。 Sterilization method: ETO irradiation

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