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City Leaders Visited KMNGroups to Investigate New Projects of Central Enterprise Cooperation

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On October 10, 2022, the Organization Department of Anqing Municipal Committee visited Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., LTD for guidance and exchange. Anhui Beizhijinxi Irradiation Technology Co., LTD. General Manager Li Tuo Tuo accompanied.

Led the delegation to inspect the strategic cooperation achievements between KMNGroups and Beijing Machinery Automation Research Institute, the implementation of the electron beam irradiation sterilization project cooperated by central and local governments, and visited the processing workshop, testing center, irradiation research and development center, storage center and other supporting facilities. Li Toto will make a brief report on the basic situation of the project, operating conditions, talent introduction, strategic planning and other aspects. The transformation of new achievements has learned the strengths of central enterprises, integrated the central and local areas into practice, invigorated enterprises, created a good development environment, and encouraged enterprises to innovate and upgrade.

In the symposium, the leaders put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on talent management, talent service, talent activities, talent policy implementation and other aspects regarding the problem of how to "attract, retain and make good use of talents" proposed by our company. It also said that it is organizing and building a variety of talent exchange platforms, accelerating the construction of a more open talent attracting mechanism, comprehensively improving the level of talent service, creating new heights of talent gathering, and doing a good job in the service of enterprise talent.

Li Toto, the general manager, said that the talent platform being built and the human resources service provided can relieve the pressure of our current new project in human resources. We will give full support and actively cooperate with the relevant deployment work.
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