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Congratulations on The Successful Settlement Ceremony Of Cumminster New Factory

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On the morning of June 28, the unveiling ceremony of Yixiu Baize Lake industrial upgrading demonstration park was held. Located in Zhongshan Avenue, Yixiu District, the demonstration park covers an area of 308 mu with a total investment of nearly 1.1 billion yuan.

Kangmingna packaging  group's new plant is located in the demonstration park. It is one of the manufacturers participating in the unveiling ceremony. It is a project with an annual output of 160 million square meters of anti-virus and reusable protective materials production line. After entering the park, it covers an area of 31.5 mu, with a construction area of 26000 square meters. It mainly constructs office buildings, inspection centers, R & D centers, workshops, warehouses and ancillary projects, with a total investment of 1 The project will be completed and put into operation within 2 years after the land is delivered.

Anqing kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and medical materials. The group has experienced nearly 20 years of wind and rain since its development. The road is arduous but fruitful. In order to further enhance the product popularity and expand the market map, cumminster has made great efforts in scientific research cooperation and production capacity improvement. The project covers an area of 47 mu, with a total construction area of 31000 square meters, a 5-storey frame structure of 4500 square meters, and a R & D room and inspection center of 4000 square meters. After the completion of the new plant, it will not only play an important role in promoting the intensive and efficient utilization and effective allocation of resources such as 1500 square meters of soil in the park, 25000 square meters of workshops, 10000 square meters of 100000 level clean workshops, and 2-story frame plot of finished products warehouse, but also realize the rapid improvement of production capacity. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach 410 million yuan and the export will earn 200 million yuan.

When the trumpet rings, the spirits are gathering; the goal is clear, and the new prospect of development is clearly visible. Standing at a new starting point, a strong sense of mission and responsibility is becoming a great driving force for our progress. Cumminster will continue to make efforts, adhere to innovation, dare to challenge, vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading, explore new models in development, meet new challenges in innovation, and realize new leaps of the group company! Walk out of the new road of high quality development and strive to write a new chapter of high quality development!
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