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Correctly Identify Discoloration of Chemical Indicator Cards

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01 Sterilization pouches requirements  

Why packaging  

After a proper sterilization process, the apparatus in the sterilization room should be sterile, but when the apparatus is removed from the sterilization room, the outdoor air contains dust particles and microorganisms  

If the device is not packaged, it will soon be contaminated  

In addition, sterile items usually need to be stored for a period of time and sent to the department in need, so the equipment must be properly packaged to prevent re-contamination  

Sterilization packaging management requirements  

Packaging purpose:  

Extend the effect of sterilization to ensure that sterile equipment and articles can remain sterile before use.  

Strict packaging requirements:  

Surgical instruments use closed packaging method, generally 2 layers of packaging materials.  Closed type packaging application of special tape, tight sealing package.  

The weight of the instrument bag shall not exceed 7 kg, and the weight of the dressing bag shall not exceed 5 kg;  

The package volume of pre-vacuum and pulsating pressure steam sterilizers shall not exceed 30cmx30cmx50cm.  

Sterilization kits should be clearly labeled and traceable;  Label item name, packager, sterilizer number, sterilization batch, sterilization date, expiration date, etc.  

Types of medical packaging materials  

: storage tank, textiles (cotton), disposable medical non woven fabric, disposable paper-plastic bag packaging, hard packaging containers  

Different packaging materials - storage tank  

Stainless steel storage tanks and tanks, which are manually switched on and off before sterilization, cannot be used as aseptic barrier systems.  

Different packing materials - cotton  

Advantages: good permeability, strong tensile strength, relatively more economic  


Poor microbial barrier performance  

Any foreign object at the incision site can cause inflammation  

The fiber deforms after repeated cleaning  

Need to "use and clean"  

Holes and holes are hard to detect with the naked eye  

Release of cotton dust causes indoor air pollution  

The expiration date of the package after sterilization is short  

Different packaging materials - medical packaging non-woven packaging  

Definition: consisting of directional or random fibers.  It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties.  Single-use fabrics made from fusion fibres rather than thread weaving.  


No toxic substances  

Good hydrophobicity, not easy to cause wet package  

Special structure can avoid breakage  

The shelf life after sterilization is 6 months  


Harder than cotton, not as strong as cotton  

Scope of application: used for pressure steam sterilization and ethylene oxide method sterilization, because of weak tear resistance, thin, suitable for relatively light and no sharp instrument sterilization.  

Different packing materials - disposable plastic bags  


The contents of the bag are visible  

Good microbial barrier function good impermeability  

Suitable for small and irregular instruments  

Can be used for high pressure steam, ethylene oxide sterilization  


Clinical department store spare paper plastic aseptic bag, easy to appear fold and sealing split  

When packing hard material, the dryness is poor, individual appear inside plastic surface  

Validity :6 months of water retention  

A sharp object easily punctures the packaging of a paper-plastic bag  

Different packaging materials - rigid packaging containers  



Good barrier function of bacteria  

Better device protection  

Ensure drying effect  



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