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Dental Clinics With Medical Crepe Paper Than The Advantages of Sterilization Pouches

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As an indispensable tool in stomatological diagnosis and treatment, dental tray has been widely used in stomatological clinic. Dental diagnosis and treatment discs are divided into -. Secondary dental diagnosis and treatment discs and regenerative dental instrument discs. The cost of materials can be reduced and a lot of precious metals can be saved by replacing disposable dental trays with oral regenerative instruments. The surface is sterilized by independent paper plastic bag and packaged with oral instrument tray. Patients is increasing, but with the dental clinic with instrument plate, the packing of paper-plastic bag to produce a large number of medical waste, not only affect the air quality, but also a large number of medical wastes and their disposal expenses become the burden of medical institutions, and the disposable medical crepe paper, light weight, low cost, and has a good effect of blocking bacteria.

With the increasing number of stomatology patients year by year, the cost of paper bags, the cost of water and electricity consumed by cleaning, the cost of cleaning liquid, the human cost of supply room personnel, the cost of loss, depreciation, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization of steel plate. There are huge costs, and daily staff mass inventory, manual placement of entry mirrors, tweezers, probes and packaging, will no longer be a large number of solutions that can be used continuously. Recycled steel plate after using, the nurse disposal equipment increases the crepe paper, about 15 seconds time increased by 46.88%, and legacy of waste in the process of treatment and treatment with the patient in the mouth secretions and food particles are attached in the treatment of disc, need to be done before sending supply room clean, the whole process increases the nurse disposal in time, Wrinkly paper can be directly thrown into the infectious medical waste bucket after use.

Medical crepe paper is applied to the advantage of oral outpatient medical crepe paper applied in sterile packaging, the applicable characteristics of crepe paper, the research confirmed that the monolayer crepe paper resistance bacteria effect is good, is verified in the class II environment also has a good effect of blocking bacteria, hospital oral outpatient service belongs to the class II environment, it also proves the feasibility of using in outpatient service medical crepe paper. The use of disposable wrinkly paper instead of oral instrument disc can avoid cross infection and reduce the workload of staff in supply room. In terms of item cost, just in terms of materials and disinfection costs, the disc adds $0.2 per item over the wrinkly paper

The continuous improvement of the number of visits will lay a foundation for the long-term sustainable use of wrinkled paper. From the perspective of environmental protection, environmental protection companies for iatrogenic waste. The weight of 1 000 paper bags is 49.01% higher than that of 1 000 wrinkly paper. According to the number of patients in stomatological hospital in one year, countless paper bags produce medical waste. If the object is replaced by wrinkled paper, the weight can be reduced by nearly half. The use of wrinkled paper is for the purpose of environmental protection, cost control, and recycling. It is widely used. During ordinary diagnosis and treatment, the sterile packaging
 are inadvertently mixed in the infection of medical waste
In addition, the weight of infectious waste increases, leading to the rise of the recycling cost of medical waste, and the incineration of paper and plastic bags will produce toxic gas and pollute the air.

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