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How Do Sterilization Pouches Work?

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Sterilization pouches are used to perform sterilizing applications. These are packaging solutions to protect the medical equipment and devices from getting exposed to the bacteria and cross-transmission of infectious diseases from one person to another. These pouches also ensure protection from chemicals used in sterilization till the time that equipment is again used. These pouches have an indicator on them to indicate that the equipment is being sterilized.

The sterilization pouches are basically constructed by medical kraft paper. The other materials used in their manufacturing are nylon PET or PP multilayers copolymer film. For the construction of indicators, ethyl oxide and non-toxic ink are used. These pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

How does sterilization pouches work?

This basic application of sterilization pouches is to sterilize the contaminated medical devices. After using the medical device, they are being sealed in the sterilization pouches and then starts the process of sterilization. These packages are usually designed to contain a single item at a time. Following are the steps in which sterilization takes place.

  1. First, the perforation back will be folded keeping the protective strip still in place.
  2. The date and the number are noted to pull the load easily in case of any failure of sterilization.
  3. The instruments are one by one placed in the packaging while wearing utility gloves. Be sure to put the instrument to the right size packaging. Otherwise there will be chances of tearing of the pouch.
  4. Make sure that there is no excessive air in the pouch. Remove the strap and tighten up the seal.

After performing these steps, you will have to wait for the specified time. After that, you are ready to check the indicator.

Internal indicator.

This indicator is used outside the package and tells if the packaging is being penetrated by sterilant or not. 

External indicator.

This indicator is usually a steam indicator and is used to make sure that the instrument in the packaging is exposed to the process of sterilization.

After completing the process of sterilization, leave instruments in the packaging for a while and organize them in a good manner. The sterilized instruments will remain sterilized until the pouch is not opened or exposed to water.

Benefits of sterilization pouches

Following are the benefits of using sterilization pouches.

  • They help to sterilize the teeth cleaning instruments, tattoo equipment, and small surgery tools sterilized until their next use.
  • These bags ensure the safety of other people from getting infected by the contaminated tools in a very efficient way.
  • These pouches help to clean tools after they went through the sterilization process.
  • They can be used as organizers for the instruments so you can keep them in one place.
  • These pouches not only help the patients but also the health care workers in keeping them protected from getting exposed to infectious diseases from the patients.


Using sterilization pouches is a series of steps we must take to ensure the safety of health care workers and patients. Whether in using contaminated devices or making the mistake of not wearing a safety apron, a little mismanagement in health care can go a long way. So, we should make sure to take every safety measure. Always prefer good quality sterilization pouches to ensure maximum safety.

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