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How To Choose Medical Packaging Materials

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Top pocket/window pocket

Using breathable material, easy to tear film and other materials. For example,

1. The film


3.Metallocene PE

4. Breathable material

5. Coated/uncoated Tyvek

6. Coated reinforcing paper

Typical applications:

1. Surgical gown, surgical kit

2. Bulky items

Disinfection bag sealed on three sides

Load or heat seal automatic packaging


1. The paper coating



4.PET/ easy to peel film

Typical applications

It is suitable for thin slice instruments, such as dressings, medical gloves and so on

Middle seal disinfection bag

When packed, EO gas enters through a breathable medium seal


1. Medical wrapping paper



Typical applications:

Catheter packaging, urine bag packaging, disinfection utensils and so on

Sterile bag for hospital use

Top and bottom films are made of two materials, for example

Top film:


2. Uncoated paper

At the end of the membrane


Generally printed with indicating ink

Typical applications

Hospitals use a variety of medical equipment products

Stereoscopic preforming tray

Typical pallet materials:


Typical cover material:

1. The coating Tyevk

2. Coated reinforcing paper

Typical applications:

Large and heavy objects such as

1. Implantable devices

2. A pacemaker

3. Surgical kit

1. Top material

Easy to peel/hard to peel material

2. Bottom material

Solid section

Flat non-forming material

Easy to peel/hard to peel material

3. Bag or pouch

Top bag/breathable bag/tear bag

Flat pouch

The most common is a top material with a removable layer:

1. It can sterilize and maintain the sterile state of the product

2. Keep the seal intact

3. Wide heat sealing range, uniform heat sealing strength, and clean stripping

4. Ability of high-speed packaging production line

General medical packaging products

Top material → general product range

1. Breathable uncoated paper/uncoated Tyek

2. Breathable coated paper/coated Tvek

3. Non-breathable coated paper

· Paper/easy stripping film, paper /PE

4. Non-breathable composite film

PET/ Easy stripping film,PET/PE

5. Non-breathable co-extruded film

HDPE co-extruded easy to peel film, non easy to peel film

1. Uncoated directly heat-sealing paper (ISO11607-1,EN868-3 and EN868-6)

Direct heat sealing: can be directly heat sealing with film, uniform heat sealing strength, less glass fiber residue. Thermoseal formulation for film - requires special design.

60g and 70g paper are commonly used.


Strengthen the internal fiber binding force, strengthen the wet strength.

1. When it is heat sealed with PA/PE film, it has higher thermal strength and easy peeling effect.

2. Heat sealing with PA/PP film → suitable for steam sterilization.

Typical applications:

Syringes, catheters, band-aids and needles


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