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If You Think Your Pouch is Just a Pouch, Wait Until You Read This

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Do you know what self sealing sterilization pouches are? If not, then read on to learn more about these amazing products. A self-sealing sterilization pouch is a bag that can be sealed and opened with one hand and contains an atmosphere that will destroy bacteria and other microorganisms in the bag's contents. Self seal sterilization pouches have been used for decades in hospitals worldwide because they offer excellent protection against contamination of medical instruments, surgical equipment, or pharmaceuticals during transport or storage.

When self sealing sterilization pouches are used to package medical devices or pharmaceuticals, the self seal sterilization pouch provides a barrier that protects these products against moisture and contamination during shipping. This helps ensure that when your customers use them in their procedures, they will be safe for patient care.

What do you truly understand about the sterilization pouches you use? What should you be aware of? What characteristics should a high-quality pouch have and why?

Sterilization pouches should be made of surgical-grade surgical Kraft paper (basis weight range 37-42 pounds) with a transparent 2-mil polypropylene/polyester laminate film. A colored film is preferred since the tint allows faults in the film's integrity to be more readily apparent.

The ideal pouch design should include at least two side and end seals with a self-sealing adhesive strip that must adhere to both paper and film during the closure, such as 50 percent paper, 50 percent film, and a perforated fold.

The addition of a wide self-sealing strip and perforated crease allows for a clean, uniform fold and seal, which results in an effective seal. Keeping the contents sterile until they are ready to be used is critical.

One size does not fit all, right? Why is self-sealing sterilization pouches made to be customized for most applications? When it comes to self-sealing sterilization pouches, the seal must meet certain industry standards.

For instance, medical self seal sterilization pouch machines are designed with a heating element that heats up two sides of the film simultaneously. This ensures an effective seal every time and reduces waste by eliminating inconsistent seals or cold spots in corners where heat may escape during closure. The self adhesive strip on self seal sterilization pouches has been tested against break strength requirements as well as pulls tests before being approved for use within the healthcare setting. It is critical these products adhere correctly when closed so that the self-sealing sterilization pouch remains sealed until it is ready to be opened.

Self seal sterilization pouches are not all created equal, so don't settle for anything less than surgical quality self seal sterilization pouches. They will help you maintain a safe environment when packaging your medical devices or pharmaceuticals and ensure their sterility until they are needed in patient care.

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