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Introduction And Usage of Sterilization Pouches

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Sterilization pouches material is an essential consumable for hospitals, which is mainly used for pre-sterilization pouches of clinical medical equipment to avoid contamination of the sterilized equipment during sterile storage and delivery, and to keep the sterile state when the packaging is opened for use.Disposable sterilization paper and plastic roll bags are commonly used as sterile packaging materials in hospital disinfection supply centers in recent years.It has good air permeability and is conducive to the penetration of sterilizing medium.It has the advantages of high bacteriostasis performance, chemical monitoring and indicating tape for sterilization process on the outside of the packaging bag, simple packaging and sealing method, visibility of plastic film, long safety period after sterilization, convenient opening of the bag in clinical operation, etc., which provides convenience for scientific management of sterile articles.However, we found in our work that if the paper and plastic packaging roll bag is not used properly, it will affect the sealing of the packaging and destroy the barrier function of sterile articles.
The imported paper and plastic packaging roll bag is a paper and plastic bag made of 70g/m2 sterilization paper and 0.1m polyethylene plastic film double layer.This packing material is disposable.When using the packaging, cut the corresponding independent bag on the roll bag according to the size of the equipment and then put the equipment into the independent bag. The packaging is completed by sealing the two ends of the independent bag with a heat-sealing machine.In operation, a single sharp instrument is often punctured after packaging;After the packaging of the goods is finished, the packaging opening occurs after sterilization by pressure steam;When a single device needs double-layer packaging, poor steam penetration will occur.When multiple packaging bags are put together for sterilization, wet packaging occurs. Analyze the reasons and countermeasures the paper layer of the packaging bag has poor stabbing resistance, and thin paper CARDS are used for sharp packaging.
Or high temperature resistant casing to protect the sharp end, prevent puncture packaging and damage to the sharp;The packing bag is too tight when the sealing is heated, that is, the package is too tight. When the pressure in the bag is sterilized by pressure steam, the seal is broken. Therefore, items should be put into the paper and plastic packaging bag, with a space of about 1~2cm around and a space of 3~5cm at the seal.The sealing temperature of the packaging bag is not enough to make the adhesion of paper and plastic weak, and the sealing temperature should be between 160 ° c and 200 ° c when the pressure steam is sterilized. After the sealing, the edge should not be crumpled and pressed gently to avoid air leakage, or the double-layer sealing should be used to ensure the sealing tightness and anti-tension.For surgical instruments that need double-layer paper and plastic packaging, the paper is facing the paper and the plastic is facing the plastic when bagging. In the case of sterilization, a distance of 2-3cm is left between the bag and the bag for steam penetration.The wet bag phenomenon is because the package is arranged parallel to the paper facing the plastic side when loading, the plastic side of a bag, the condensed water generated by the steam can be retained on the paper side of another bag, the paper surface will be soaked, causing the paper surface vulnerable and water damage. Therefore, the goods should be placed in the paper facing the paper, plastic facing the plastic side method.When stacking, it should be noted that the distance between the packages should be no less than 3cm to facilitate the steam penetration.
Disposable sterilization paper and plastic roll bag is a kind of practical packaging material with good performance. In the practice of work, we constantly improve the operation method for the observed problems, which effectively reduces the damage of packaging material, not only to protect the barrier of sterile articles, but also to achieve the effect of reducing consumption and controlling waste.

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