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Kmnpack Participated In The Launch Ceremony Of The First "appropriate And Talented" Talent Week Activity In Anqing City

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In order to further study and implement the Party's 20 Major spirits, accelerate the construction of a strong city of regional talents in the new era, and attract more outstanding young talents to pay attention to, enter and stay in Anqing, the first Talent Week activity of "Appropriate Etiquette and Talent" will be held in Anqing Conference and Competition Center on November 1, 2022. Long Qicheng, chairman of Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Talent Week activity.

Long Qicheng, chairman of the board of Directors, expressed his great honor to be invited to participate in this Talent Week activity as a technical leader of strategic emerging industries in the province. He had the opportunity to have a long talk with academic leaders, industry leaders and industry giants from all walks of life, and to gather together with Anqing entrepreneurs, investors and overseas talents working in Yi to discuss and develop.

In the next step, KMNGroup will actively respond to the Talent Week activity of "Courtesy and Talent", hold a special meeting on talent work, talent forum and other ways to study the relevant requirements of talent deployment work, to ensure the smooth progress of the group's annual talent work. Aiming at the outstanding talents who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Group, as well as the advanced individuals who have done outstanding work in the aspects of talent training and introduction, the Group will set up advanced examples, increase publicity efforts, create a strong atmosphere of respect and care for talents within the Group, and provide a solid talent guarantee for the reform and development of the enterprise. We will also take the talent strategic cooperation agreement signed in this Talent Week as an opportunity to continue to do a good job in talent policy publicity, stimulate enterprises to introduce talents, make good use of the internal power of talents, and provide a solid talent guarantee for the implementation of high-quality development of the group.
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