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Kmnpack Warmly Welcome Academician Qian Yitai to Visit And Discuss Cooperation

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On February 3, Academician Qian Yitai, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of chemistry and materials science, University of science and technology of China, and inorganic material chemist, visited Anqing kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. and discussed new project cooperation. Accompanied by Chairman long Qicheng.

Academician Qian Yitai and his party visited the office building of cumina, the laboratory of technology research and development center, aseptic production workshop, etc., and watched the manufacturing process and details of sterilization pouches and chemical indicators, as well as the production process of PVC  Film composite medical materials, etc. after the visit, Academician Qian Yitai and his party had a close talk with the company leaders and the main person in charge of technology research and development team in the conference room We need to have a discussion. At the forum, chairman long Qicheng expressed his warm welcome and thanks to Academician Qian Yitai for his busy visit. Academician Qian Yitai listened to the development plan, scientific research strength and construction of higher talent team of kangmingna group in detail, and listened to the industry reports of enterprise technical leaders in professional fields, such as the application of nano chemical materials, etc. Academician Qian had an in-depth exchange with Chairman long Qicheng on how to cooperate with cumina group in new projects and how to promote the more rapid and efficient development of the new industrial park.

Through this exchange meeting, chairman long Qicheng said that in the future, kmna will increase cooperation with key universities in China, continue to work hard in transformation, technology update, talent introduction, core technology promotion, etc., transform scientific and technological achievements into industrial productivity, and create brilliance based on scientific and technological innovation.

(attachment: Qian Yitai (Chinese: 钱逸泰; born 1941) is a Chinese chemist. He is a professor at University of Science and Technology of China. He was born in Zhongqiao, Wuxi in 1941. After graduating from Suzhou No.2 Middle School, he earned his bachelor's degree from Department of Chemistry, Shandong University in 1962. He joined the faculty of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and was later appointed Dean of College of Chemistry and Materials Science. From 1982 to 1993 he visited several US universities, such as Brown University and Purdue University. In 1997 he was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Qian's research mainly focuses on nanomaterials and superconducting materials. In 1996 his group developed benzene-thermal synthetic method to nanocrystalline GaN. In 1998 they reported the preparation of diamond through pyrolysis process of catalytic reduction. Qian also used crystal chemical method to prepared many kinds of superconducting materials. Qian's students Li Yadong and Xie Yi were also elected as members of CAS. )

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