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Li Jincun, director of the Institute, and his delegation visited KMNGroups for investigation and exchange

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On August 25th, in order to deepen the cooperation between the central government and the local government, observe the latest achievements of the cooperation between the central government and the local government, and understand the implementation of the transformation project of electric irradiation achievements, Li Jincun,  Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machine-Building Industry . (hereinafter referred to as BeZI SUO) and his party visited KMNGroups for inspection and exchange. Long Qicheng, chairman of  KMNGroup, Li Tuotuo, general manager of Anhui Beizi Jinxi Irradiation Technology Co., LTD., and relevant officials of Beizhi Electrophysics Center and Beizi Zhaofu (Changzhou) Co., LTD., accompanied the inspection.

In 2020, Beizi Suo and  KMNGroups signed a strategic agreement on the transformation of electron beam irradiation achievements with a total investment of about $20 million. During the exchange, Mr. Long Qicheng, chairman of KMNGroups, accompanied Mr. Li Jincun, Director of the Institute, to visit the office building, electron beam irradiation processing workshop, testing center, irradiation research and development center, storage center and other supporting facilities of Anhui Beizhi Irradiation Technology Co., LTD

Li Tuotuo, general manager of Bei zi Jin xi, made a special report on the company's current basic situation, business situation, strategic development planning and other aspects. Chairman Long Qicheng said that the most important thing for the implementation of the cooperation project between the KMNPack and the North is to strengthen the integration of central and local, learn the advantages of central enterprises, stimulate enterprise vitality, and actively promote the innovation and upgrading of the enterprise in automation, information, intelligence and integrated technology.

Through this visit and discussion, Kangmingna Packaging and Bei zi Suolearned about the development process of Bei zI Suo electric irradiation project, and pointed out the direction for future development. The two sides will continue to strengthen communication, learn from each other, promote each other and make joint improvements, so as to contribute to improving service quality and promoting high-quality development of manufacturing.

Anhui Beizijinxi Irradiation Technology Co., LTD. (Beizijinxi for short) was established in April 2021 and officially put into production in July 2022. Electron beam irradiation business: food, medicine and health products sterilization processing, biological products, agricultural and sideline products elimination, sterilization, preservation processing, service for chemical products modification processing, etc. It can be carried out at room temperature, with strong penetration, high efficiency, energy saving, no residual poison, no waste, easy to control, safe and reliable and widely used, etc., can provide customers, orders, processing, logistics as one of the quality services.

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