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Medical Packaging Paper Market Demand "Accelerate Running&quot

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With the high demand for medical supplies in many countries around the world, the accelerated production of medical health materials and medical devices has also promoted the corresponding demand for supporting sterile packaging paper, and the medical packaging paper industry has also entered the "accelerated running".
It is understood that medical packaging paper is the paper packaging medical equipment, divided into medical dialysis paper and medical wrinkle paper. Among them, dialysis medical paper is widely used in surgical masks, medical gloves, disposable puncture instrument, kits, medical syringe hygiene materials and medical devices, such as, obviously, as the necessary raw materials, medical dialysis paper consumption is not too much less than those in surgical masks, this also caused the domestic specialty paper production enterprises inevitably enter work overtime to production operation. In fact, in recent years, due to environmental pollution problems and the rapid growth of low-value medical consumables worldwide, the market development of medical device packaging materials has become not to be underestimated, but also led to the continuous expansion of the scale of the domestic medical packaging paper industry.
It's worth noting that some teams are expanding their research into sterilization pouches as a result of the outbreak. According to media reports, relevant research and development teams have started the R&D and industrialization plan of high-performance medical paper-based composites, and will carry out research on improving the filtration efficiency, bacteriological properties and environmental friendliness of mask products.
It is reported that the global market for packaging materials for medical devices is developing rapidly at present, with a CAGR of 5.4% from 2012 to 2018. Industry analysis, aseptic medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging materials are an important part of the medical bags materials market, and in view of the serious environmental pollution in many countries, resulting in medical device packaging materials are getting more and more the importance to it. The global market for sterile packaging materials for medical use is forecast to reach more than $13 billion in sales by 2026, according to consulting firm Databridge.
Thanks to the global development of medical packaging materials, sterilization bag paper, as a necessary form of low-value medical consumables, has been growing in China in recent years with the increase in the scale of low-value medical consumables

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