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Production And Application of Coated Paper And Plastic Film

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One: the production of coated paper
1. Coated paper is a mesh grid evenly gummed with EVA glue on 60 grams of medical dialysis paper.
Forming the grain between the void and the solid. The way of gluing is to put the hot melt adhesive on the heating function first
The reactor is melted and stirred thoroughly, and then the heat is stirred evenly through the pipeline
The melt adhesive is transported to the insulation box, and the insulation is about 150°. And then by the insulation glue box to convey to the glue
Slot. Ceramic anilox rollers placed in the rubber groove transfer the glue to the dialysis paper and pass through the cooling
The water roller cools down and takes shape.
2. General components of EVA glue:
A: resin EVA low molecular weight polyethylene PE ethyl acrylate copolymer EEA and so on
b; Thickening agent wax microcrystalline wax, hydrocarbon paraffin wax, synthetic wax and so on
C; Filler, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc
d; Plasticizer dibutyl phthalate dioctyl phthalate, etc
e; Antioxidant dit-butyl-p-cresol
f; Other additives isobutyl rubber synthetic rubber, etc
Two: the production of plastic film
1: Through the three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine, by heating and melting the outer PP, middle PE and inner PE plastic particles, through the die head blowing into bubble film, through the wind ring cooling molding, V-shaped water-cooled splint to continue cooling molding, again through the clamp extruding water, rolling molding.
Three: the application of soft plastic film and coated paper
1: 4-6 grams of adhesive paper and 90um thick blister film are mostly used for 1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml syringes, atomizers, masks, etc
2. About 8g of coated paper and 120um thick blister film are mostly used for 1oml 20ml syringes
About 3:10g of adhesive paper and 150um thick blister film are mostly used for 30ml and 50ml syringes
Four: the application of hard plastic and coated paper
1: the amount of glue on the gelled paper 8~12 grams of hard plastic box material PVC PETG APTE PS PP and so on, the gelled paper produced by our company is relatively easy to stick on PVC PS, the other need to adjust the formula of the glue. Hard blister box is very similar to the plastic box we eat, which contains accessories, dressings, instruments and so on. For example, Tvek rubber cap material is used for blister box.
Five: Sterilization method
The above products use low temperature sterilization, low temperature sterilization mainly has four kinds, ethylene oxide gas sterilization, hydrogen peroxide plasma low temperature sterilization, low temperature formaldehyde steam sterilization and so on. Now the mainstream sterilization method using ethylene oxide gas sterilization, ethylene oxide is a spectrum fungicide, can be about 50° within 6 hours to kill a variety of microorganisms, including Bacillus tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., and the penetration is very strong, can easily penetrate corrugated boxes, films, paper, about 5 mm of wood, However, it cannot penetrate glassware and cellophane wrapped products. It can play a perfect sterilizing effect for products that are not water resistant or high temperature resistant, as well as complex instruments with curved channels inside the instruments. General parsing time, mandatory parsing room for 8 hours, natural parsing well ventilated temperature above 20° for 7 days or so, but also specific detection of ethylene oxide residue.
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