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Skillfully Use Balm To Remove 3M Indication Tape Traces On Sterile Needle Box

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The most commonly used treatment tool in stomatology is car needle. After the patient's treatment, the car needle is placed in the aluminum car needle box for high-temperature pressure steam disinfection. When the 3M sterilization indicaton tape is pasted on the car needle box, so as to observe the disinfection effect. Long term repeated high-temperature and pressure steam disinfection makes it difficult to clean the traces of 3M sterilization indication tape left on the needle box.

It is found that the traces left by 3M sterilization indicator tape can be easily wiped off with a dry cotton towel (no cleaning ball) after dropping the essence of wind oil on the traces of 3M sterilization indicator tape that are difficult to clean and remove for 30min to 1H.

The 3M indicating tape trace on the needle box is removed by using air balm, which has a good effect and is worthy of popularization.

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