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The Material of Sterilization Pouches Is The Glue of Dialysis Paper

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With the rapid development of medical industry, the safety performance of medical devices has been paid more and more attention. The concept of sterilization has gradually become the consensus in the industry. Sterilization pouches is the key to realize the sterilization of medical devices. At present, the main packaging materials for sterile packaging include medical grade dialysis paper, drenched-film/laminating paper, Tyvek, PE, PP, PET, PVC

Among them, the dialysis material is mainly medical grade dialysis paper or non-woven fabric, which is the main packaging material of dialysis sterilization. Conventional medical dialysis paper is made of wood pulp after dehydration, the main body is wooden cellulose, has good air permeability and resistance to bacteria, suitable for ethylene oxide, high temperature steam and other sterilization methods. At present, the dialysis paper which is widely used at home and abroad has poor heat sealing property, so a layer of hot melt glue must be coated on the dialysis paper to increase its heat sealing property. Due to the lignocellulose dialysis paper cannot be heat sealing and other polymer materials, so the need to develop a - kind of dialysis can be used in paper coating heat sealing glue, can make it with other materials for heat sealing, as sterilization paper-plastic bag or class iii medical devices suck encapsulation and cover of hard material used for packaging of all kinds of medical materials such as needle, catheter, tweezers, masks, gloves, and breathing mask, etc. There are usually two types of hot sealing adhesive used in medical dialysis paper :- solid hot melt adhesive. Solid hot melt adhesive has a large amount of glue, high cost and poor air permeability. It is easy to stick the content after glue, especially the coating speed is too slow and the production efficiency is low to meet the production needs; The other is water-based heat sealing adhesive, due to the use of roller coating, the speed can reach 100 m/min, and the amount of glue coating is greatly reduced, penetration

The gas is good, the production cost is greatly reduced, but the stability of the heat sealing strength is poor, the strength is low, and the packaging after heat sealing is easy to produce paper, wool and paper debris in the opening process, which cannot meet the industry standard. These problems seriously affect the product quality of the sterilized bag, which has always been the difficulty of the industry. Therefore, new coating formulations and processes need to be developed.

Art to achieve and hard blister heat seal and achieve clean stripping. The water-based thermal sealing adhesive for medical dialysis paper with good heat sealing effect, high air permeability, high strength and good thermal stability is provided.
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