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The Usage Principle of Disposable Surgical Mask

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Disposable surgical mask products are used for clinical personnel to wear in the non-invasive operation process, covering the mouth, nose and jaw of the user, to prevent the direct passage of pathogens, microorganisms, particles and other physical barriers.

Disposable surgical mask is self-absorption filter mask, the principle of work is to make the air containing harmful substances through the filter material of the mask to be inhaled or exhaled.There are four main filtration mechanisms of mask filter

Schematic diagram of filtration mechanism of filter material fiber

1. Diffusion deposition: the Brownian motion of particles spreads to the filter fiber and is absorbed by the molecular gravity.

2. Interception deposition: larger particles moving with the airflow are trapped by the mechanical filtration of the filtration material.

3. Inertia deposition: when particles pass through the curved mesh channel of the filter material, the particles break away from the airflow due to the inertia and hit the filter fiber, and are trapped by the molecular gravity.

Electrostatic attraction deposition: deposition of particles by electrostatic action of the filtered fiber.

Disposable surgical mask is composed of SMS three-layer structure, two layers of non-woven fabric fiber diameter is relatively thick, about 20 microns, plays a role in supporting the entire mask structure, the middle melt spray layer fiber is relatively thin, about 2 microns, can filter 95% of bacteria, and SMS three-layer structure has a good ventilation effect.

Disposable medical mask products are composed of medical non-woven fabrics, ear hangers and nose clips.

Mask cover body mechanism

Raw material information sheet

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