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一.A rising round of tomorrow - anqing kangmingna packaging co. LTD

Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and service provider of  sterilization pouches, chemical indicators, isolation gown and protective coverall, which integrates research and development, production and sales. At present, Kangmingna has introduced to the market seven categories of products, the quality of which has reached the standards of developed countries such as Europe, Japan and North America, and has a high visibility and good reputation in the domestic and international markets. At present, it has more than 400 stable partners, including more than 200 foreign customers, and has built a huge and perfect service marketing network, which has shaped the international competitiveness and brand benefits of Kangmingna. The company has nearly 200 employees, and its sales volume is nearly $80 million  in 2020. Its comprehensive strength has leaped into the forefront of the industry.

二.Innovation for development

To seek innovative development has always been the style of KangMingNa.If you're looking for features in KangMingNa growth handbook, it's innovation.Every step the company makes is the result of bold innovation.

1.Don't satisfied with the present, keep eyes on the future.

In 2003, the company's founder, Mr. Long Qicheng, has become a "big family" in his hometown.He resolutely gave up the idea of "satisfaction", and changed the mode of processing into the plastics market to found KangMingNa.He turned down offers from many trading companies and successfully built his own sales team but he was laughed by colleagues in the era of factory processing : increase labor costs.Two years later,KangMingNa proved it to his peers that only the customer is in his own hands can be the real customer.In 2005, KangMingNa expanded the production scale,the sales volume become the leader of the city.When someone asked why Mr Long had proposed setting up his own sales team In a long time ago. Said the chairman,Business is the basic conditions for the survival of enterprises, enterprises to develop unstable or in the hands of others where the vitality.The enterprise wants to develop, the foundation is not steady or is in other person's hand, where comes the vitality.

2、Just do it with a strong sense of overall situation

In 2009, enterprise development suffered a bottleneck.The industry began to reduce price and the establishment to fight the price war.However, one of the solutions of our company has attracted the attention of the same industry. A large number of well-paid graduates and overseas students were recruited, and the chairman of the board of directors personally joined the group to explore the international market.Where is the trade fair and where can you find the booth of KangMingNaa and the booth is definitely bigger.Gradually, the products of KangMingNa began to be affixed in English, Russian, French and other languages.The large number of containers has made KangMingNa crowds once again.Last year,our company boldly entered the field of medical sterilization and expanded the market of surgical gowns and kits and has begun to take shape.The troops did not move, the supply is in advance.This year,our company will add tens of millions of investment for the surgical gowns project to lay a good foundation.

3、Learn from setbacks and find solutions

In the first year of the international market, the company hit a lot of walls due to various technical and quality reasons.Even customers who place orders on the first day and return them the next day.The President and sales are communicating with foreign customers at midnight.They often sleepless because the time difference with international clients.After visiting clients abroad many times,finally found the reason from a customer who returned the order: Customers are afraid to buy the products which have poor quality and without local access qualifications.Knowing this news, our company held a staff mobilization meeting, improving product quality is the first priority.Often the chairman of the board gave the customer discounts, compensation and even free of charge just because of a customer complaint.However, due to technical reasons, sterilization bags often adhere to paper and blown bags.Then our company increased the technical innovation strength, repeatedly contacted the equipment manufacturer to try to solve the technical problems, and set up the company's own R & D center, invited industry experts to solve various problems in the production process.Finally, with the continuous efforts of the whole company, the company solved five technical problems within one year, and obtained two national invention patents and five utility model patents.It is the first to solve the problem of non-stick paper and no paper scraps after sterilization, and the first to solve the phenomenon of no bag explosion when products are used.First in the industry to use solvent-free adhesive,and the first to solve ink penetration, color transfer and other high-tech printing technology.In 2017, the company's city-level enterprise technology center was listed in KangMingNa, and meanwhile established a long-term cooperative relationship with two university institutions.The company filed 15 patents last year as it ramped up its research and development efforts.This year, the experts of the technical center focused on the research of surgical gowns.

4. Keep eyes on product quality

If business is the fundamental soil for the survival of enterprises, then quality is the root of the soil.There is no business without quality.This is the President's long words on the lips.The weekly production quality meeting shall be held by the chairman in person, and the quality department of the company is directly managed by the chairman.Any department has no right to intervene in the inspection and inspection of any batch of goods by QC.For quality managers, the hourly sampling and the daily quality morning session is their busiest time.The new employees are all independent pre-job training, which makes them rack their brains.For front-line employees, hourly "spot check samples", daily spot check and monthly teardown test all make them be more cautious.With the efforts of all the employees, the company has obtained a number of quality certifications including IS9001, ISO13485, CE, MDD, etc.In 2018, the company has obtained FDA access qualification, and the global strategy of KangMingNa’s products is completed!


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