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Ultra-thin carbon coated aluminum foil
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Ultra-thin carbon coated aluminum foil

Jinxi New material ultra-thin coated aluminum foil, thickness is only 0.3μm

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Ultra-thin coating process

With the ultra-thin coating process, the thickness can be only 0.3μm under the premise of ensuring the coating performance level, and the coating thickness can be flexibly adjusted between 0.3µm and 2µm.

Strong stability

It has high chemical stability, NMP resistance, and strong thermal stability, so as to ensure the safety of the battery.

High adhesion of coating

The coating has high adhesion, can improve the energy density, and can ensure that the dust-free cloth wipe 200 times without exposing the foil.

Quality assurance

Develop effective vertical integration strategy, have effective quality control system, monitor and ensure every step of production.

High thermal conductivity

Nano carbon material uniformly coated, heat conduction by high thermal conductivity, heat energy into infrared radio frequency, and then achieve heat transfer efficiency.

Better clear night

Protection set fluid from electrolyte corrosion, infiltration tension >56 dyne.

Good barrier property

Uniform coating, effectively prevent the collection of fluid corrosion, oxidation, prolong the battery life.

Support multiple customization

Coating mode can be continuous/intermittent, single side/double side, can be differentiated according to customer and market demand.

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