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Coated diaphragm
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Coated diaphragm

Ultra-high heat resistance:High temperature resistance up to 200 °C

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Ultra-high heat resistance

It can withstand high temperature and super durability, greatly improving the safety of high energy density batteries, among which the nanofiber diaphragm can withstand 180°C, solvent type aramid diaphragm can withstand 200°C.


High thermal stability and low thermal shrinkage

Good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, minimize the occurrence of thermal runaway.


High liquid absorption rate and retention rate

High electrolyte retention, can improve diaphragm infiltration.


Excellent puncture resistance

Good oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance and puncture resistance.

High adhesion

It can improve the bonding property between the positive and negative electrodes of the diaphragm and reduce the deformation of the cell.


High strength and excellent breathability

Uniform porosity, high tensile strength, good air permeability.



We have a wide range of coating products with excellent performance, including ceramic coated diaphragm (alumina, Boehmite, nanofiber, magnesium hydroxide), polymer coated diaphragm (PVDF, Aramid), multilayer functional mixed coated diaphragm (ceramic +PVDF, ceramic + aramid, etc.).


Support multiple customization

The thickness of the product can be adjusted flexibly between 5μm and 30μm (including the thickness of the base film), which can be customized according to customer and market demand.

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