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Coated Printing Paper
Coated Printing Paper-1

Coated Printing Paper

Materials: medical dialysis paper, water glue, hot melt glue. Coating method: Coating on four sides (frame), full coating and full grid pattern. Coating: hot melt glue 5-12 g/m2, water glue, water glue 2-3 g/m2. Sterilization method: gamma ray and EO sterilization

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Medical coated paper, good air permeability, puncture resistance, tear resistance.
The use of imported EVA hot-melt adhesive mesh coated sealant is more firm, stripping tension 1.5N-2n above, tear off no confetti, high melting point 75 degrees does not melt, after disinfection bag without contact with items.
Material selection non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, in line with the safety of the use of composite medical standards.
By suzhou University cytotoxic effect, microbial barrier, physical and chemical detection, SGS heavy metal detection standards.
The products comply with EN868-7, ISO11607 standards, medical 100,000 production workshops.
Scope of application: Suitable for packing of hospitals, factories, syringes, gauze, gloves, dressings, medical instruments and dental equipment.
Storage: Temperature below 25 degrees, humidity below 60% of the clean warehouse
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