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 Formaldehyde Indicator Strip
 Formaldehyde Indicator Strip-1
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Formaldehyde Indicator Strip

There is a twist line in the middle of each product, which can be folded into two separate use. The color change of the indicator bar: from red to yellow [Scope of use] Monitoring of formaldehyde steam sterilization effect.

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[Usage] When monitoring, place the formaldehyde chemical indicator card at the center of the standard test bag or package or the most difficult part of the steam. When placing it, wrap the formaldehyde indicator card with gauze or kraft paper to prevent the indicator card from getting wet. accuracy.
[Results] After a sterilization cycle, the indicator color of the formaldehyde chemical indicator card changes from red to yellow, and it can be judged that the sterilization process is acceptable.
[Storage method] Store in dark, room temperature 15 ° C ~ 30 ° C and 50% relative humidity to avoid contact with corrosive gases.
[Validity] 18 months.









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