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Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted
Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted-1
Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted-02
Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted-03
Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted-04

Heat-Sealing Sterilization Reels(Pouches&Roll) Gusseted

Also known as sterilization reels,sterilization roll etc. are constructed from medical grade paper and transparent PET/PP multi-layer copolymer film. Two water based, non-toxic process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization ar

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Product features
1:Medical grade paper with technic 60gsm or 70gsm is an effective barrier against germs and bacteria,
2:yet it permits the transmission of air, steam or sterilization gas;
3:Reinforced film to avoid tear during opening;
4:Peel-easy film permits film separate

1. According to the size of the medical device, select the appropriate packaging, put the clean and dry equipment
into the heat-sealed three-dimensional roll bag, which should not exceed 3/4 of the length, so as to ensure sufficient
sealing, otherwise, bursting The possibility will increase.
 2. The orientation of the profiled and sharp instruments should be opposite to the direction in which the bag
is peeled off to ensure safe peeling.
3. Seal the bag with a sealing device and mark the time, content and purpose.
4. Place the paper in paper and place it in a steam or ethylene oxide unit.
5. Confirm the discoloration of the indicator on the package; it is grayish black after steam sterilization; it is
yellow after sterilization of ethylene oxide.
6. Store the package in a dry, dark and clean area for use.
7. When you need to use it, you can take out the item.











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