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KMN385 Cutter Automachine
KMN385 Cutter Automachine-1

KMN385 Cutter Automachine

The control of temperature, pressure and sealing time must be very accurate, which is directly related to the sealing effect of sterile medical products.

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Technical parameters

preset cutting length range (cm) : 1-9999
preset cutting number range (number) : 1-9999
maximum width of cutting (cm) : 40
cutting speed: 1 /0.4 seconds, up to 9000 / h (calculated by simultaneously cutting 6 rolls, bag width 5cm, cutting length 10cm)
working status prompt: long and short gurgling sound reminder or alarm, cut, lack of material, paper plug
power supply: 220V/ 50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 150W is optional
external dimension: 665*355*215 mm (width * depth * height)
weight: about 24kg
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