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Medical  Drape
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Medical Drape

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[ingredients] the medical pad sheet is mainly composed of surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer. The surface layer is non-woven fabric; The absorption layer is composed of polymer composite paper; The bottom layer is PE film.


1. the product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, medical sterilization grade, high-temperature sterilization, sterile, packaged independently, and can be discarded after use, which is convenient to use.

2. it is waterproof, oil proof, impermeable, and can isolate pollutants. It has good waterproof, soft touch, low irritation, and is clean and sanitary.

3. the thickened and durable composite waterproof material is not easy to break. It is skin friendly, comfortable, not stuffy, not easy to damage, and resistant to pulling.

[purpose] this product is mainly used for medical examination or bedding. It can be used in leisure clubs, medical centers, nursing institutions, beauty centers and other places. It has a wide range of applications and is more convenient.

[Specification] 40cm × 50cm; 80cm × 100cm; 80cm × 120cm, etc., can be customized.
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