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Medical Crepe Paper
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Medical Crepe Paper

1. Convenience and Environmental conservation Our company offer a variety of sizes of sterile package wrapping paper for hospital choice, and obviates the need for hospital disinfection soaking, washing, drying and other cumbersome link, greatly reducing hospital waste water output. Can be burned after use. 2. Excellent barrier properties of bacteria and preservation He sterile hold time of medical crepe paper wrapped aseptic packages is six months. 3. To avoid the "wet pack" As the medical crepe paper wrapped sterile package after the three-dimensional permeability and its own high-permeability, compared with other packaging materials, the better to avoid the "wet pack" of the formation.

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 4. Made sterile package not have phenomenon of "explosive bag" 
Medical crepe paper use for more items to be packed in three-dimensional packaging, not scattered in the loaded, the bag does not move articles, can be flatwise or stand, the three-dimensional permeability makes the sterile package not burst. 
5. Good water-resistance and strength 
Water resistance and anti-permeability of medical crepe paper is much higher than cotton. Both in wet and dry environments, the product can resist any pressures. 
6. Pure raw materials 
All use of pure wood pulp, no smell, can not afford to fiber, can not afford to powder, pH value is neutral, without any toxicity in order to ensure the safety of sterile paper. The repeated use of cotton will drop a large number of fibers, to be a carrier of bacteria. 
7. Full color 
Blue, white, green, Medical Crepe Paper






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