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Melt Blown Fabric
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Melt Blown Fabric

Melt blown fabric is commonly used in surgical masks the middle layer inside, inside and outside two layers of non-woven fabric, in the middle of the filter layer for melt-blown fabric

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Melt blown fabric is using high-speed hot air flow to die extrusion of polymer melt spinneret hole trickle to draft,
thus forming superfine fibers and collect the setting net curtain or the roller, and glue and become a method of melt-blown nonwovens.

1, light specific gravity, density is small, easy to machining, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free security.
2, fiber can reach 0.5-10 microns in diameter, has a unique capillary structure of superfine fiber, increase the number of fibers
and the surface area, strong filterability.
3, good shielding, oil absorption and insulation.
4, the plasticity, has high strength and high toughness and wear resistance.
Generally used in the medical industry, surgical masks, surgical gown, protective clothing,, diapers, sanitary towels and other products
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