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Protective Gown(Coverall)
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Protective Gown(Coverall)

Protective gown or cloth is disposable, and more spunbonded nonwovens, spunlaced nonwovens, SMS(spunbonded - melt-blown - spunbonded) composite nonwovens, flash nonwovens and spunbonded composite film products are used

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Protection gown is the most important performance requirements of medical protective gown, mainly including liquid blocking, germs and blocking in the quality of particulate matter, etc.

Liquid barrier property refers to the medical protective cloth should be able to prevent the penetration of liquids such as water, blood, alcohol, with the hydrophobicity of 4 class above, in order to avoid contamination cloth and body. Avoid during surgery the patient's blood, body fluids, and other secretions will carry the virus to medical personnel.

Microbial barrier property including barrier to bacteria and viruses. The barrier to bacteria is mainly to prevent contact transmission (and back propagation) from medical staff to the patient's surgical wound during surgery. The main barrier to the virus is to prevent medical staff from contact with the patient's blood and body fluids, which carry the virus caused cross-infection between doctors and patients.

Particulate matter barrier property refers to prevent the spread of the virus through the air in the form of aerosol inhaled or attached on the surface of the skin is absorbed by human body.
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