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Sterilization Paper Paper Bags Gusseted
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Sterilization Paper Paper Bags Gusseted

Also known as autoclave paper,sterilization paper Material: French Arjo paper or medical grade paper. Sterilization method: suitable for gamma ray, high pressure steam, ethylene oxide.

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Suitable for a class of consumables, such as gauze, masks, PE gloves, disposable gloves dressings, dressings, surgical films. Infusion paste, etc.;
can also be used for disinfection of instruments in hospitals.Can be cut to different leng

Instructions for use:

1. Put the items into the medical three-dimensional paper bag. The length and height of the items should be suitable for sealing, otherwise the bag may burst
2. Shaped and sharp objects should be placed correctly, and the peeling safety can be ensured when used
3. Seal the bag mouth with sealing equipment, indicating the time, use and other related information
4. Place the sealed bag correctly
5. The color change should be confirmed during the process: it is grayish black after sterilization; the ethylene oxide is brown after sterilization
6. After use, remove the item in the direction indicated by the peeling










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