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  • 2719-05

    medical device sterile packaging in china (三) First you need to make a definition of this packaging system. This packaging system is a combination of all the external factors that constitute the protection of the target body - medical device products. A packaging system is mainly compl

  • 1919-05

    medical device sterile packaging in china (二) Packaging process verification For most people involved in packaging related work, "packaging process verification" should be a very strange term, because it is not a theoretical vocabulary, so there is no such term in the textbooks of gene...

  • 2319-04

    medical device sterile packaging in china (一) 1.Market situationAt present, the market size of China's MDSP industry is about 500 million US dollars, which includes both materials and equipment, but the majority of materials.However, some of the MDSP materials used cannot contribute to...

  • 0819-04

    The Condition of MDSP Industry In the USA There are now two specialized agencies on MDSP in the United States,( All are ngos), One is the SPMC commission, part of the American flexible packaging association (FPA), This is an organization for enterprises, although it was established

  • 2919-03

    The foundation of Anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD. manufact... March 26, 2019,The Red lanterns Danced in the wind in Anqing Jing BO industrial area. The gongs and drums drifted into the distance. The foundation of Anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD. new factory held successfully. The project is impo...

  • 2319-03

    The summarization of “MDSP” First, let's clarify the conception of MDSP. Based on the international MDSP latest update of the authoritative standard ISO 11607 understanding and analysis of scanning. MDSP, can be divided into the early packing and affiliate of two part...

  • 0119-03

    biological monitoring method for sterilization of pressure steam... A biological monitoring method for sterilization of pressure steam in the supply room1. Place the biological indicator in the center of the standard test package and place the test package in the designated place for sterilization.2. Wear g

  • 2319-02

    The advantages of Tyvek for medical Tyvek Tyvek was discovered by Jim White, a researcher at dupont, by accident.In 1955, Jim White discovered in his laboratory that a White polyethylene fluff was coming out of the tube.After inspection, it was found that this material has so

  • 1219-02

    Medical Sterie Packaging bag For the packaging of the products of the medical devices, sterilization of the products, and the sterile operation, which is a sterile operation, to provide acceptable microorganism, to protect and to sterilize the product and to sterilize ...

  • 3119-01

    Use of non-woven fabrics Non-woven fabrics is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful shape, good air permeability, wide range of use and can be reused, can be washed. Today for the non-woven fabrics mainly in the areas of application and use 一:

  • 2219-01

    Surgical Drapes In Kmnpak Kmnpak's Surgical Drape

  • 2219-01

    Surgical Gown In Kmnpak Kmnpak;'s surgical gown

  • 2219-01

    medical sterilization pouches KMNPack leads China’s medical packaging market in five medical product categories, including sterilization packaging

  • 2119-01

    Guiding principles for biological indicators for sterilization (... Biological indicatoris a tolerance of certain sterilization program has to determine and stability of the special microorganism manufactured goods, can be used in the performance of sterilization equipment confirmation, specific items of th...

  • 1419-01

    Medical sterilization pouches Medical sterilization packaging bag is to prevent the items in the packaging bag from bacterial contamination, generally in a completely closed form, the bacteria can not get into the effect. Generally according to customer requirements ...

  • 1019-01

    Anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD. Invested $20 million to e... Recently, Anqing KANGMINGNA Packaging Co., Ltd. invested $20 million to purchase the B-1 plot in the Economic Development Zone of YixiuDistrict, Anqing City. The requisition area is about 50 acres and the planned construction of the pla...

  • 0719-01

    How to use medical paper plastic packaging sterilization bag for... Materials: anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD. Produces high autoclave steam (ethylene oxide) dual-purpose paper plastic packaging sterilization bag, medical sealing machine, medical equipment, self-contained biological indicator, vacuum

  • 2818-12

    PVC blister process common problems and solutions Introduction to plastic absorption process. Blister is a kind of plastic processing technology, the main principle is the flat plastic sheet heated soft, vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mold, after cooling molding, widely used

  • 1818-12

    Is there a difference between adhesive tape and glued paper? Water-adhesive paper structure: based on kraft paper, coated with water-soluble adhesive. Features: Appropriate amount of water, the rubber surface can be sticky; early tack, strong wet adhesion, good permanent adhesion; The water-storing a...

  • 2318-11

    KMNPack's Biological indicators KMNPack's Biological indicators are a special type of living microbial products that can be used to confirm the performance of sterilization equipment, the verification of sterilization procedures, and the monitoring of sterilization effect...

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