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  • Comparison of sterilization effect and cost between cotton packaging and disposable medical corrugated paper packaging
    April 19, 2023

    Objective: To investigate the sterilization, bacteriostasis effect and use cost of different packaging materials. Methods: Cotton packaging and corrugated paper packaging were randomly divided into two groups to study the sterilization, bacteriostatic effect and use cost. Results: The sterilization and bacteriostatic effect of corrugated paper packaging were better than that of cotton packaging, and its cost was lower than cotton packaging.Conclusion: Corrugated paper packaging has good sterilization and antibacterial effects, its sterilization storage time is longer than cotton packaging, packaging cost is lower than cotton packaging, worthy of clinical promotionSterilized packaging materials are essential consumables in hospitals, mainly used in clinical diagnosis and treatment instruments, instruments and articles before sterilization packaging, the purpose is to avoid sterilized articles in the process of aseptic storage and aseptic transfer by bacteria in the environment, the types of packaging materials are increasingly rich, but different packaging materials in sterilization and bacteria-resistant effect and use costs are larger The difference ". In recent years, we have compared cotton packaging with corrugated paper packaging to avoid hospital infections or increased use costs caused by improper choice in the work. The report is as follows.1. Materials and methods1.1 Materials Double-layer cotton cloth, Shuwei 'an Medical wrinkle paper Jieding HS6617 pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, 3M pressure steam sterilization chemical indication label, Xinhua 132 C chemical indication card.1.2 Methods1.2.1 Sterilization and bacteriostatic effect Measurement All the packaging items participating in the experiment were randomly divided into two groups: cotton packaging group, wrinkle paper packaging group, 2 pieces each, and the same pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer was used for sterilization. The sterilized test package was carried outSterility test: cotton packaging sterilization kits were randomly selected and stored for 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d and 7d on the day of sterilization for testing; Sterilization kits of corrugated paper packaging were randomly selected from 2 test kits stored for 30d, 60d, 90d, 120 d, 150 d and 180 d on the day of sterilization. A total of 28 test kits were tested to compare the sterilization and antibacterial effects.1.2.2 Comparison of Packaging cost Taking the spare packaging of obstetrics and gynecology outpatient operating room as an example, the single consumption cost of cotton cloth and wrinkle paper was calculated. In addition, the cost of the spare bag in the operating room of obstetrics and gynecology outpatient was compared with that in corrugated paper.2 Results2.1 Comparison of Sterilization and bacteriostasis effect On the day of sterilization, a total of 4 experimental packages of cotton and wrinkle paper packaging were checked, and the results of sterility test were negative, indicating that these two packaging materials have the same sterilization effect and are suitable for the packaging of sterilized articles. Store 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d and 7d cotton experimental packages and store 30d Sterile test was carried out on the corrugated paper packaging test packages of 60d, 90d, 120d, 150d and 180d respectively. A total of 24 packages were tested, and the bacterial culture was negative, which proved that the antibacterial effect of the two packaging materials was reliable. However, the validity period of the corrugated paper packaging was 6 months, much longer than the validity period of the cotton packaging 7-14d.2.2 Use cost analysis2.2.1 Comparison of Single use cost The specifications of packaging materials are all 60cmx60cm, and 2 pieces are used respectively. Cotton foreskin raw material cost 25 yuan, each bag cloth according to 15 times depreciation reported loss, bag cloth each time the washing fee of 1.2 yuan; The price of wrinkle paper is 2.76 yuan. Each chemical indication label outside the package is 0.18 yuan, and the chemical indication card inside the package is 0.17 yuan. The single cost of cotton packaging material is 4.42 yuan, the single cost of wrinkle paper packaging is 3.11 yuan, wrinkle paper packaging is 30% less than cotton packaging.3 DiscussionAs the packaging material of sterilized articles, it must have good adaptability to sterilization and bacteriostasis, so as to be safely applied in clinic. Although cotton packaging materials are soft, conducive to the penetration and discharge of sterilizing agent, and have strong physical endurance ability, the antibacterial effect is reduced due to repeated use, and the maximum storage life after sterilization is only 14d. Moreover, there is more cotton dust on the cotton cloth, which causes dust pollution on the surface of the packaged instruments. Therefore, it is necessary to use and wash each time during use. The environmental pollution caused by the discharge of water and wastewater, the record of the number of times of use, the light inspection before each use, etc., all result in the short shelf life and high use cost. At the same time, we also found that the sterilized packaging quality of medical wrinkle paper is obviously better than that of cotton cloth, which has higher safety, convenience, economy, higher antibacterial ability, antistatic property and no shedding material to reduce the risk of pollution. Double layer combination can enhance the protective force of the package, even if there is a broken package or a hole, easy to detect and timely replacement, no need to recycle, remove the complexity of cleaning. The combination of various colors can meet the needs of different departments, sterilization storage time is long, so as to reduce the number of expired packages and cancellation, but also reduce the standby cost, so as to reduce the workload of laundry room, disinfection supply center transportation, cleaning, packaging sterilization indirectly save water, electricity, gas, detergent and other energy.

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