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  • KMN102 PDU Two Print Medical Cutter Machine

    Chinese, English, numbers, and special symbol printing functions such as “YY 0466-2003 Medical Devices for Labeling, Marking, and Providing Information for Medical Devices”, which can realize the validity period, batch, use department name Details
  • MD400 Easy Sealer (permanent heated)

    paint shell, beautiful appearance, safe to use and easy to operate;
    double heater is used for simultaneous heating, with adjustable temperature, ultra-high temperature automatic protection and low temperature automatic alarm
  • KMN385 Cutter Automachine

    high-grade lacquer shell, with 3.5 ''touch screen, easy to operate, Chinese and English display switch
    the cutting length and quantity are set by the touch screen, and the cutting is programmed automatically
    suitable for cutting sterilized packa Details
  • KMN100L Sealing Machine

    intelligent temperature controller, which can achieve temperature control accuracy of ±1%, operating temperature: 60~220℃, arbitrary setting;
    high-speed heating design, only 40S for temperature rise from room temperature to 180 ° c;

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