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  • Disposable Mask

    Disposable mask have a strong resistance to bacteria and viruses. In daily life, they can be used to prevent the spread of influenza, respiratory diseases and other infectious diseases. They can also prevent patients from spreading viruses to others.
  • Isolation(Protective) Gown

    Isolation gown used for medical personnel in contact to avoid blood, body fluids, and other infectious material pollution, or protective equipment to protect patients from infectionk,including isolation gown,protective gown,disposable scrub suits etc.
  • Surgical Gown

    Surgical gown as the operation process of the necessary protective clothing, used to reduce the risk of medical staff contact pathogenic microorganisms, at the same time also can reduce pathogenic microorganisms in the risk of transmission between medical staff and patients, is the safety of the operation in the sterile area.
  • Medical Goggles

    Medical Goggles are filters that change the intensity and spectrum of light passing through them. The most effective and common way to avoid damaging the eyes is to wear protective glasses.
  • Face Shield Medical

    face shield medical are used to protect the face and neck from flying metal debris, harmful gases, metals and hot solvents. It can shield and absorb burns caused by the radiant heat generated by radioactive rays, as well as protect the entire face from the spillage of liquid containing viruses and bacteria
  • Surgical Package

    Surgical package is used by doctors to prevent germs during surgery, including cloth bag, surgical drape(sheet), side drape, meiya bag, surgical gown, towel, gauze and so on
  • Surgical Drape

    Surgical drape is dedicated to do surgical operation to patients with specific parts list, the procedure in the list with a particular surgery for position and open holes, surgical division can be operation in the prefab holes.
  • Patient Gown

    Patient gown is the clothes that the sick or the wounded wear when they are in hospital or rehabilitation institution

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