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Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Crepe Paper

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Medical crepe paper is used as a packaging material for Sterile items, with or without static electricity, non-toxicity, good sterile barrier, etc., as well as soft and conducive to steam penetration of cotton packaging, has a wide range of applicability, applicable to hot steam , Ethylene oxide or low-temperature formaldehyde sterilization, antibacterial effect is good, qualified products also have a certain degree of water resistance, Anqing kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. produced high-quality medical crepe paper sold all over the world.

Medical crepe paper is the earliest alternative to cotton cloth. Because of its have smaller pore size, medical crepe paper has better microbial barrier properties than cotton cloth; it can be used directly as a packaging material or as an inner packaging material for rigid containers. According to the regulations of China's health industry, sterile articles packed in medical disposable paper bags are valid for one month. Disposable medical crepe paper is used for aseptic articles and is valid for 6 months.

Medical crepe paper forms a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, which allows the medium such as steam to penetrate into the bag flexibly and effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms, so it can be stored for a long time without being contaminated. The disadvantage of crepe paper packaging is in clinical work, it is easy affected by factors such as moisture and sharp piercing, so the packaging material is not suitable for the packaging of sharp instruments and heavy equipment.
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