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Classification of Chemical Indicators

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Class 1: the process of chemical indicator CARDS (package wildcard) : for a single item or packaging, indicating whether items after sterilization process, to distinguish the sterilization or sterilization items, including sterilization indicator tape, sterilization indicator label, package chemical indicator tape used outside of each package, unless the package internal chemical indicator on the outside that is visible;

Class 2: Special inspection chemical indicator card (inside card) : special experimental operation for sterilizers or sterilization standards, such as various B-D test papers. Test the discharge effect of cold air, penetration effect of saturated steam and air leakage of the prevacuum sterilizer: use it every day after overhaul and installation test of the sterilizer;

Class 3: Single parameter chemical indicator card (inside card) : Used for testing a single parameter during sterilization, such as gas concentration indicator card (EO, formaldehyde, etc.) : paper printed with a dye that indicates a specific preset value for a specific variable

Class 4: Multi-parameter chemical indicator card (inside card) : having two or more key parameters (time, temperature, humidity, gas concentration, vapor saturation degree);

Class 5: Comprehensive parameter chemical indicator card (inside card) : it is a kind of indicator card specially designed to work on all parameters within the specified range during each sterilization process. Its set value should reach the inactivated value. The key parameters of the sterilization process monitored shall be equal to or exceed the performance requirements of standard IS01138 for biological indicators. Equal to or superior to a biological indicator. A piece of paper printed with (pass/fail) dye that changes or moves in color;

Class 6: Analog chemical indicator card (in package card) : Indicator card used to work on all evaluation parameters within the specified range of each sterilization cycle, the set value of which is based on the set value of the selected sterilization procedure. Cycle confirmation indicator: it is a sterilization cycle verification indicator. It has the most precise parameters. Different indicators must be printed with a colour changing dye for each cycle;

Categories 3, 4, 5 and 6 are placed in each sterilizing bag for monitoring small-scale problems without indicating that microorganisms have been killed.

Small pressure steam sterilizer

Small pressure steam sterilizer means that the capacity of sterilization chamber shall not exceed 60L, and it cannot carry a sterilization unit (300*300*600mm).

N type: without vacuum pump, by steam extrusion exhaust, in principle only bare solid equipment sterilization, can not be used for dental drill sterilization. Only for sterilization of unpackaged solid devices. Do not transport, do not store, use immediately. Available levels 5 and 6 class indicators.

Type B: With vacuum pump. Can be used on any sterilized article in a large sterilizer, such as solid instruments, dressings, cavity instruments, unpacked, packed, single or double packed. But must pass the PCD test; Sterilization monitoring package within levels 5 and 6 indicators, or batch PCD.

Type S: Exhaust is between N- and B-. It can sterilize the solid and dressing classes. Special sterilized articles for use as specified by the manufacturer include unpacked solid apparatus and at least one of the following conditions: porous permeable articles, small amount porous permeable strips, Class A cavity apparatus, Class B cavity apparatus, single-layer packed articles and multi-layer packed articles. Sterilization monitoring package within levels 5 and 6 indicators, or batch PCD.

Not all sterilization cyclesare suitable for all typesofload.

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