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  • Medical Grid Lacquer Coated Paper

    KMNPack 'sMedical grid lacquer coated paper apply to automatic packing machine material of various medical device manufacturers; apply to medical supplies such as gloves, gauze, sponge, cotton swabs, masks, catheters, surgical instruments, dental instruments, injectors etc. KMNPack provides OEM service.
  • Printed Original Paper

    KMNPack printed original paper'material are: French Arjo paper; Paper made in China; coating paper; self- adhesive paper. Sterilization: EO, Gamma-ray, Steam
  • Blister Film

    KMNPack blister film offers multilayer, thermofomable barrier flexible film for packaging of various medical devices such as syringes, needles and feeding tubes. The film can be sealed to coated or uncoated medical grade paper.
  • PVC blister film

    KMNPack PVC Blister Film Features: - Used pharma grade raw material - High impact strength and high rigidity - Aging resistance, excellent formability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no smell Standards: Meet ISO9001, GMP standard and passed SGS testing
  • Medical Plastic Multi-layer Film

    KMNPack offers three kinds of laminated film webs specially developed for sterile madical device packaging purpose.
  • Melt Blown Fabric

    Melt blown fabric has good filterability, shielding, insulation, and oil absorption. To prevent droplets, particulate matter, acid mist, such as microorganisms play a crucial role.

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